Art Bags for Our Neighbors


With limited camp options, there are many local families struggling with how to keep their kids busy this summer. 


The Food Emergency Support Organization in Mamaroneck School District will continue to provide meals to those who are on the free and reduced lunch plan. Creative Corner is now partnering with them to supply Art Bags so these families can create at home through the long days of summer.


By purchasing an Art Bag you are helping Creative Corner, help our kids. We believe strongly in the need to create, build self confidence and be sure that our entire communities children are being empowered.


With a craft bag filled with a canvas board, wood/paper mache projects, coloring sheets, gems, stickers, paint brushes and paints we are offering them the tools to accomplish this.


There are 240 local families in need of our support so please purchase as many Art Bags as possible and share with your friends to do the same. When we have supplied all 240 local families, any additional bags purchased will be donated to St John's church for the remaining local charities they support.


Thank you for any support you can offer.


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